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Rkill is a software program designed to stop malware programs from operating on a PC so that anti-malware programs can eliminate the malware. Rkill has four given options for download. Sometimes one option may not work so another version may be selected. If the next version doesn’t work, the next version is selected, and so on.

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The four versions are: Rkill.exe, Rkill.com, Rkill.scr, and Rkill.pif. One of these versions should work on any given PC with a Windows operating system. The interesting thing about Rkill.scr is that often, antivirus programs will recognize it as a virus. It is, in fact, not a virus or malware program. Rkill.scr is simply recognized by malware as a threat and the malware attempts to defend itself by presenting warnings to the user. When using Rkill.scr, these warnings can be ignored since the software is perfectly safe.

Rkill.scr, like the other three versions of Rkill, is NOT an antivirus or anti-malware program. It will also NOT REPAIR any damage caused by viruses or malicious software. Effective antivirus software must be installed on any PC. It is also wise to install anti-malware software such as Malwarebytes. These are the most important security programs for any PC. When malware infects a computer and is affecting normal operations, Rkill.scr can be installed and run to stop any existing malware operations.
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In the event that Rkill.scr does not download or install properly, any of the other three versions of Rkill may be used. One of them will work. Temporarily disable anti-malware software installed on your PC before running Rkill.scr or other Rkill versions since Rkill.scr is often recognized by anti-malware software as being malware itself. Therefore, the anti-malware software will inhibit Rkill.scr from running properly.

Once Rkill.scr has been successfully installed and run, it will show a list of identified malware operations found on the PC. In order to remove this malware, simply enable the anti-malware software and run a full scan. After the scan is complete, all identified malware can be completely removed.

Once Rkill has completed its scan and the malware has been removed, turn on your antivirus program again and re-enable anti-malware programs to ensure PC security. Some websites identify Rkill.scr as being a virus. Though Rkill.scr may operate in a manner that is similar to a virus, or may be identified as a virus, the program is completely safe and can save a PC from damage caused by malware. If an anti-malware program is not currently being run on your PC, an excellent choice is a program Downloaded here.

Rkill.scr will only shut down malware programs currently operating on your PC. It is by no means a complete security system for the Windows operating system. In addition to effective antivirus and anti-malware software, it is advisable to use a third-party data recovery and hard drive cleanup software as well.

Data recovery and hard drive cleanup software is often combined in the same program and will repair damage caused by malicious software, restoring your PC to a functional and secure state. Using Rkill has its difficulties and may be a challenge for many users to implement. Therefore, it is not the most user-friendly software and may not be the best choice for every user. Nonetheless, Rkill.scr and its other versions might often be the only recourse to correct problems caused by malware and ensure complete removal of these malicious programs.

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WARNING! Rkill will not Fix damaged files already caused by malicious Software. Scan your PC to Fix and Replace corrupted files before installing Rkill Download now!