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Our computer is a powerhouse of information, public and private alike. RKill. It could contain our identity that others are blood-thirsty to phish out. Malwares (malicious software) does the job of unknowingly extracting such information from us. It consists of programming codes, scripts, contents, and other software which is intrusive in nature and that functions to basically exploit our privacy, mess-up operation, access our system directories, and other such malicious acts.

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Malware includes spyware, computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, crimeware, hackers, phishers, browser hijacks and other unwanted abusive software and system annoyances. It’s comforting to know that our computers have its built-in malware detecting programs on top of our installed anti-virus software. However, malwares are smart. It has fraud processes that counteract with our anti- virus and anti-malware applications.

Introducing, Rkill. It can be accessed through Rkill downloads. This tool is developed by BleepingComputer.com and Microsoft’s MVP, Lawrence Abrams. Rkill is included in his malware removal guides to securely assist us in terminating malicious processes so that our virus and malware detecting programs can continue with its normal function. So in essence, Rkill does not remove malware but only stops the processes that shut anti-malware applications.
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Rkill download files are available in BleepingComputer.com in 4 different extensions since malware processes can sometimes detect its presence. You can download it at below link:


The file is 257kb in size. Use rkill.exe to execute the tool. A command prompt will confirm the termination by showing malicious softwares it detected. When it is finished, the command prompt will disappear and ncmd.cfxxe, rkill.reg and pev.exe are created. When you run an rkill downloaded file again, those files will be removed by rkill itself. Note that there’s no need to run all rkill files unless the first one will not run at all. Use the rkill downloaded files one at a time. So if rkill.exe will not run, try to re-run it until you can conclude that it will not really respond at all. Until then, you can try other file formats to successfully terminate malwares.

When you are finished terminating these malicious softwares, do not reboot your computer as this will only restart the malware’s process.You can the proceed scanning and cleaning the system using your anti-malware or anti-virus program.
Rkill does not have a user interface and configuration settings. It only utilizes the command prompt to perform its function, so properly store your rkill files.

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WARNING! Rkill will not Fix damaged files already caused by malicious Software. Scan your PC to Fix and Replace corrupted files before installing Rkill Download now!