Installing Rkill: What it does and what it is Missing

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There are several links available to install Rkill. In order to install Rkill, the Windows Service Installation Wizard may be used. This is a Windows 2000 Resource Kit tool, and may not be available on certain versions of Windows or may be titled differently. The following Rkill download link offers a few options to install Rkill:http:/
This is one of numerous links enabling a user to install Rkill. All of them seem to operate similarly. After installing Rkill and choosing to run the program, a command prompt window will open.

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First, it will show within the window “Preparing Rkill”. This indicates that the service has started. Shortly after that, “Terminating known malware processes” will be displayed in the command prompt window. Below that, “Please be patient” will be displayed. This indicates that Rkill is running and attempting to terminate any known malware processes. This is actually a rather terrible installation process for the novice user. It is apparently frustrating for the average user to install Rkill easily.

Regardless of the installation links selected, the same process occurs, or the user is instantly informed that the installation failed, usually with multiple windows popping up to indicate this. This is exceptionally annoying. If the proper link is selected, the command prompt window as described above will be displayed.
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Typically, when downloading a program for installation, the Installation Wizard automatically opens and assists with the installation process. This is not the case in order to install Rkill. In fact, it is quite confusing at first. All that Rkill does is terminate malware processes, enabling anti-malware software to eliminate known malware. This is excellent because, of course, one does not want malware running actively on a PC.

For most users though, it is much easier to download a program that automatically prompts the Installation Wizard to assist. Try to install Rkill, and what you get is a command prompt screen. This is hardly user-friendly for the average PC user. It is terribly confusing, inefficient, and entirely unnecessary. Why couldn’t an ordinary installation protocol be utilized for Rkill? To install Rkill, it seems that one would have to cross reference technical information from the Internet in order to assist. It appears that any attempt to install Rkill would be atypical for the average user.

Rkill sounds like it may be a useful program to disable malware functions in order for anti-malware software to permanently delete existing malware. Yet, attempt to install Rkill, and the user will be met with difficulties that seem to require technical support. Simply put, what is missing in order to install Rkill is ease of installation. Rkill downloads can also have a tendency to carry viruses that inhibits the installation and execution of Rkill. It hardly seems like a practical download unless the user is familiar with all of the technical aspects of the command prompt window. This is not something that most users want to deal with. There are other software programs capable of doing what Rkill will do. In addition, many of these programs are capable of doing even more. Rkill is not an antivirus program, nor does it offer continuous protection to the PC, as many other programs can offer.
Rkill is not necessarily a bad program. It is simply that, in order to install Rkill, there are many practicalities involved. On the other hand, many other users will have no problem installing Rkill. For greater ease, perhaps another program capable of achieving what Rkill achieves would be the best choice.

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