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RKILL is program that essentially “kills” known malware programs. Modern antivirus programs can cause a number of different problems are fairly common with PCs. This is because these malware programs are capable of disabling Windows Task Manager and thus prevent the user’s ability to manually stop malware processes from running. Rkill stops malware processes from running, enabling anti-malware software to remove these malicious programs from your PC. Anti-malware software is generally incapable of removing malware that is actively running. Therefore, by stopping the malware processes, the malware programs can be easily removed.

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Rkill also imports a registry file that removes malware registry policy statements. File associations which stop helper applications from running on the Windows operating systems are also removed by Rkill. The software offers an advantage to both the user and anti-malware software, enabling them to eliminate malware software that is more difficult to remove.

It is program that does help with malware removal and is a very helpful tool to eliminate active malware processes. Rkill is not to be confused with antivirus programs – It is not an antivirus program, it merely performs the functions mentioned above. It is not a substitute for antivirus software. Rkill simply allows anti-malware/antivirus software to remove actively running malware processes. It does not repair PC errors caused by malicious software. It only does one job. It is essential to still have antivirus software on your PC. Rkill should just be regarded as an assistant to the process.
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Antivirus software also does not repair PC errors caused by malicious software. Like Rkill, antivirus software performs specific tasks which do not include repair of errors caused by malware. It is necessary to have third-party data recovery and PC repair software. Registry repair software is also very important to maintain efficiency of the Windows operating system. Some of the better PC repair software programs include registry repair applications. Since the software will not repair anything, a good PC repair and registry cleaning software program is as important as an antivirus program.

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To use Rkill, download one of the applications from the Internet. There are a few different versions available because certain malware processes will actually impair the Rkill application. One or more of the different applications offered should work on any given PC. It is advantageous to download the various applications to either an external hard drive or a USB flash drive. This way, malware will not be able to recognize the Rkill applications and override them.

Once you have downloaded the Rkill program file, double-click the file to run the application. The next step is to be patient. It can take several minutes to an hour, and sometimes longer, to identify and stop active malware processes running on your PC. When it finishes running, it will display a list of the programs that have been stopped. There is no need to save this file, in fact do not save this file and close the window. Next, run antivirus software applications after updating antivirus definitions. You can also use the Malwarebytes program, available as a free download from the Internet. Malwarebytes, like Rkill, is not a replacement for effective antivirus software. By running antivirus software after Rkill has finished its job, the malicious software that your PC had been unable to remove before will be removed.

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WARNING! Rkill will not Fix damaged files already caused by malicious Software. Scan your PC to Fix and Replace corrupted files before installing Rkill Download now!